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12th São Bernardo Art Show: ABC and Contemporary Art

In August of this year, the 12th Contemporary Art Show of São Bernardo do Campo was opened, at the city’s Art Museum.

We immediately highlight the expressive number of participants, 454 from all over the country, and within these also an expressive presence of 90 artists from the great ABC.

The Selection Committee, formed by Cauê Alves, Cristina Suzuki and Maria Carolina Duprat Ruggeri did a delicate job of conciseness to reach the 33 selected artists and among them the 4 awarded.

This event brings with it a series of milestones and reasons to believe in better days to come.

The resumption of this Art Show in São Bernardo, after a period of twelve years of interruption, comes together with a strong movement of renovation and opening of Art Shows throughout Brazil. In these new formats, it is no longer the rule book that define what art is, but a large open space for democratic reflection on art and the world around us.

The consistent presence of ABC artists both on the Selection Committee (Cristina Suzuki) and among the artists, with emphasis on the award-winning São Bernardo artist Renan Marcondes, consolidates the image of this region as a creative pole and a reference for future generations in the field of art and culture. They also indicate the profile of this new generation of radical artists based in ABC, who stick their feet in the region but are in permanent dialogue beyond all borders, exposing, making artistic residencies, building new formats and ways to create and share their experiences aesthetic.

Congratulations to the artists: Renan Marcondes (awarded), Chris Tigra (awarded), Bruno Novaes (awarded), Manoel Canadá (awarded), Ricardo Sanchez (honorable mention), Aline Moreno (honorable mention), Lívia Aquino (honorable mention), Alexandre Arthur Silveira, Antonio João Gonzaga, Audrian Vinícius Cassanelli Griss, Cynthia Leitão da Cunha, Dora Monteiro Smeke, Edmilson José da Silva Filho, Erinaldo da Conceição Cirino, Francisco Emídio Contente Pereira dos Santos, Genivaldo Amorim, Gilio Mialichi Neto de Oliveira, Guilherme Callegari Melo, Gustavo Aragoni Silveira Moraes, João Paulo Accacio, João Paulo Álvaro Racy, Júlia Malta Cardozo Pezzoni, Luís Eduardo Gasparian, Luís Lavalle Filho, Luiza Uady Siwek, Marcos do Nascimento Saad, Maria Lúcia Slongo Rebelato, Marianne Nassuno, Maysa Thereza de Oliveira e Brito, Michael Jorge da Silva, Natalie Mireya Mansur Ramirez, Sérgio Adriano Dias Luiz, Sofia Schramm de Brito and Viviane Valladares da Silva.

Better days for all of us.


12th São Bernardo Contemporary Art Show

Visitation period: from Aug 27th to  Dec 30th 2019

Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday – 9 AM to 6PM

Rua Kara, 105, Jardim do Mar, São Bernardo do Campo