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The Park and Art

CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHY : Nilo Mattos de Almeida


Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Farol Santander presented the exhibition “Light and Art – reflection and emission”.

The artist duo Gisela Motta (São Paulo, SP, 1976) and Leandro Lima (São Paulo, SP, 1976) present the work Entertain in this exhibition.

It is a set of metal structures with lighting that evoke the idea of ​​an amusement park. The movements of the “toys” are obtained by moving small colored lamps, which thus bring the visual perception of parks and popular celebrations. Starting from the concept of the park, we can expand the affective memory for the fairs, the small circuses with their canvases.

The visitor can easily identify the carousel, the roller coaster and the even the striking ferris wheel.


Ainda existe um outro elemento, o uso da tecnologia. Certamente há uma preocupação em atualizar o uso de suportes, mesclando aqui um trabalho escultórico na criação das estruturas dos brinquedos e a aplicação dos recursos tecnológicos, a sincronização da sequência de luzes para se obter o efeito de movimento.

At the same time, when we walk through space, the visual reading due to the reduced scale of the pieces leads us to the understanding that we are elsewhere. The memories are activated as in an album of nostalgia, proposing a new relationship with these visions.

The final result is nostalgic, contemporary and sophisticated.

Even the visitor who does not have the references from which the artists created the work, can quietly make a poetic journey through the drawings that the lights in their turn off and on will compose in the space.

A choice that leads the experience along a path of enchantment and emotion, a special challenge at a time when we are involved in situations of tension in society.

The result is a good surprise, reminding us that art must propose questions, reflections, but also connect us with humanity and tenderness.


LIGHT AND ART EXHIBITION – From October 2nd 2018 to January 6th 2019

FAROL SANTANDER (www.farolsantander.com.br)