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From September 1st to 7th, 2019, I participated in the triennial meeting promoted by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), of which I am a member.   The Council was created in 1946 as an action to assist in the preservation and structuring of museum field in the world, establishing guidelines and practices to be adopted by all institutions in member countries. At the 2016 meeting in Milan it was established that a new definition of museums would be discussed and presented for voting and approval at the Kyoto meeting.

During the first days of September this year, it was evaluated that despite being a discussion that has been underway for the past three years, as it is a wide field, involving countries from all continents, it was not possible to reach an agreement. The Council then decided that the deadline for voting for the adoption of a new definition of museum should be extended. In Brazil in particular, museums have lived through a period of extremes in recent years, with the tragedy of the National Museum on one side and the prospect of the reopening of the Paulista Museum in the coming years.

We need more than ever to broaden the discussion with society, to make the concept and access to museums increasingly full, general and unrestricted.

More than a definition or term that can be typed and located on Google, we need institutions that can be open to contemporary challenges, that can accommodate the cultural diversity of our society and create spaces for its transformation.

In the coming days, new articles will be presented, sharing the various themes and subjects discussed during the Meeting.

Thus, I celebrate the resumption of publications on the website and at the same time its role as a tool for disseminating knowledge and reflection.

So that the best days are more and more those we live today.