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Weaving the bridge with poetry and reality: Rosana Paulino.

We see here the work “Weavers”, a 2003 installation by the artist Rosana Paulino (SP, 1967), which was part of the exhibition “The Seam of Memory”, presented between December 2018 and August 2019 at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and at the Museum of Art of Rio de Janeiro.

I had the opportunity to visit both exhibitions and see the power of poetry and confrontation of the artist Rosana Paulino.

This installation presents a group of small creatures, which I take the liberty to call as a mixture of women and silkworms, who came out of their cocoons, which are on the floor and started to weave.

The vision of the ensemble and each little weaver is an impressive demonstration of delicacy and strength. As reported by the artist, calculations were necessary to ensure that the weight of the installed parts did not overload the wall.

Rosana Paulino has a solid artistic background and has research work that includes studying the nature of transformation processes such as cocoons. This transition is apparently delicate but with a unique violence, thinking of the caterpillar, which already as a butterfly, breaks the chrysalis into a new existence.

Rosana’s weavers seek transformation, united they present their feminine condition and this imperative everyday need for change, for the recognition of women in the world and in their daily lives.

There is a silent force that surrounds and makes us internally weave into a question about what we can change today, so that tomorrow become indeed new.

This vital energy permeates the entire work of the artist. Using the delicacy of her drawings, embroidery, small sculptures, she always puts us facing her condition as woman, black, Brazilian. It is up to the spectator / audience to establish a connection, whether seeing himself represented or recognizing humanity from a series of inhuman conditions.

Indifference will never be an option, because her works are like mirrors. And in the case of mirrors, we can lie to everyone, but never to ourselves.

So that we can weave new, better and more beautiful stories.